Family, Friends and Pumpkins / by David Veldman

This weekend my wife and I traveled South to the St Lawrence river. We began our adventures in Prescott, at a historic site called Fort Wellington. While America isn't quite close enough to throw a stone to, it was certainly close enough to fire cannons across. Looking at the peaceful boaters casually crossing the border, you can hardly imagine that 200 years ago our nations were locked in a deadly war. 

One of the sites we visited was also the site of a battle during the Rebellion. As before, the land that once ran red with blood is now beautified and peaceful.

Of course, I wasn't alone. I was dragging along my long suffering wife and partner in crime. Who knows that wherever we go, I'll inevitably ask her to pose for me. 

Fortunately, she's gotten quite good at it! Here I was shooting with the xf 18-55 f2.8-4. I chose to shoot at f4 on the long end, and although the light was poor all day, you can see that it works as a portrait camera in a pinch!

Speaking of poses, my little brother and parents were also there, but I don't have to coerce him into anything, he loves the attention.

Later that night my wife and I headed out to the main event - Pumpkinferno. Pumpkinferno is fairly new, a display of thousands of carved pumpkins in the historical Upper Canada Village. 

The art and skill required to visualize and create these displays is nothing short of incredible. I've never seen anything like it before, and it seems like many others enjoyed it as well. 

The picture above is of a massive, human sized skull paying tribute to the day of the dead, a Mexican tradition. Looking closely, you'll see that it is in fact composed of jack o lanterns! In total the festival used over 7000 pumpkins this year. 

It was difficult to get any good shots at Pumpkinferno - for obvious reasons. But I am including a few in hopes of showing how stunning an event it is. There were several different types of displays, from Horror themed to Asian, all displaying an extraordinary level of talent by the creators. 

My wife and I plan to return next year for Pumpkinferno, but before that we will be visiting the Village for Alight at Night in December! I strongly recommend you check this event out if you're in the area.