On the Edge of the River / by David Veldman

The Ottawa river is a massive, storied body of water. In the Ottawa Valley, it played a very important part in the development of the area, and is also used as an endless source of recreational fun by thousands. 

Today I drove north along the Trans-Canada highway, which roughly follows the course of the River. I was hoping to catch some shots of ice breaking up on the river, but as it turned out most of the water is still frozen.


Fortunately, that didn't stop me from shooting. As you can see in the image above, the wind has sculpted out some interesting patterns in the snow. That wind was still present - despite it being rather warm (1 degree) it felt much colder and my metal camera quickly froze my fingers. Before I bowed out and ran for the safety of the car, I snapped a few shots. 

My next stop was in Deep River. There I found a derelict beach house. It looked to be in rough shape, even factoring in the winter. There I captured I think my favourite photo of the day. 

Simple, square, and satisfying. When I shoot 1x1, I try to look for balance in my composition. This image feels just right.

The image below is also pleasing to me. The blue of the ice was just too stunning to pass up. 

I finished off with yet another door. The repeating shapes here caught my eye, as did the side of the chair sitting in the tiny abandoned house.

Overall, I was quite pleased with what I got in just a few hours.