Bleak World / by David Veldman

I used to live in Alberta. I spent five years in the city of Edmonton, although admittedly much of that period was spent traveling with the military. Still, I am not entirely unfamiliar with the province, having been as far south as Suffield, and as far north as Redwater. I also managed to catch the quintessentially Canadian rockies in Banff.

I would never want to live in Alberta again - I'm far too addicted to the terrain of my home province Ontario, with its rolling hills, escarpments and countless lakes. But even the less picturesque parts of Alberta have their own rugged charm.

Recently, while out in Alberta for work, I have been struggling to find chances to shoot. Even when I do find the time, my movement is limited. This morning, after a long night shift, I found that the weather had cooled enough to produce a thick fog and a coating of frost. Naturally, I had to grab my trusty LX100 and see what I could capture.

I was pleasantly surprised with what I did find. The land is rather barren, particularly at this time of year. The world felt bleak and wild, which I tried to capture.

All images are out of camera Medium JPEGs, with tweaks in Snapseed on my tablet. Not my preferred method for editing, but the real work can wait until I get home and work with the Raw files. I was more than pleasantly surprised that I got as many fun shots as I did.

Please enjoy