Wandering Dufferin County With the G5X / by David Veldman

I have owned my little Canon G5X for approximately three months now. Unfortunately, I have not spent nearly as much time with it as I would like, thanks to work, and foul weather. This is particularly ironic given that I am currently studying photography with the military. Hopefully in a few months once I have enough experience with it, I can post a full 'experience review' here.

So far I have found the G5X to be an eminently usable camera. With three customizable dials, I am able to shoot in full manual, with the aperture controlled by the ring around the lens, the shutter assigned to the finger dial on the front, and the ISO to the wheel on the back. The touchscreen is impressively well implemented as well.

Last week I did manage to take the G5X out for a little spin. It was a warmer day, but sadly, spring has yet to show itself. The fields are still barren and dead, and there's still a lingering bite in the air.

Despite the barren fields, I found the rolling hills easy on the eyes. Near a tiny town called Terra Nova they slope upwards gradually to the massive Niagara Escarpment. I imagine the entire area will be stunning once some greenery finds purchase.


The rolling fields are particularly attractive to me because the area I live in is dominated by rugged, rocky Canadian Shield. Although beautiful, the shield is not the easiest to photograph, and I find myself entranced by the movement of the sun across the gentle slopes further South in Ontario.

Unfortunately, all too quickly the Golden Hour turned blue. With little light left, I headed back to the base, stumbling upon this swamped, abandoned home on the way. I also found a few silhouettes to shoot as well.

In many ways the G5X reminds me of my trusty LX100 that I sold last year. It is a joy to handle, and proves ideal for this sort of casual shooting.

Until next time.