Stir Crazy / by David Veldman

Work has been rough lately. Long days, working weekends, and a slowly growing recognition that I'm working in a field I have no interest in anymore. 

I realized today, in one sad moment, that it had been 9 days since I had taken a picture. To me, that is unacceptable. It can't really be helped. The ground is covered in 2 feet of snow and I leave for work when it is dark, returning again when it is dark. Not exactly ideal conditions!

Tonight however I dragged my lazy carcass out of the house and took a quick stroll with camera in hand. As expected, I didn't get anything good merely walking the block around my house, but I did see this tree and snap it. 


What's remarkable is that this shot was taken in two extreme conditions. At 1/8th of a second the Fuji 18-55 did a remarkable job of stabilizing. I also used the marksmanship principles for firearms too stay steady of course. Also, this shot was taken at a whopping ISO 12800 in JPEG format, and it still looks quite impressive. Once again, the Fuji doesn't let me down.

I need to realize that I won't always be able to go the places I want, or shoot when I'd like. I'd encourage you, even if you aren't able to find the best time, to still make a moment to practice the things that you love.

It's better than nothing.