More Mundane / by David Veldman

Flat grey skies, icy roads and freezing rain, and the post Christmas financial crunch.

What a terrible week for photography.

There's nothing more frustrating than having time off, but not being able to go anywhere fun to shoot. So, for a few days now I've been spending most of my time indoors.

But today, I decided that even if I had nothing to shoot, I was going to go out and do it anyways. 
Normally, if just wandering about I will use my 18-55 f2.8 - a beautiful lenses made by Fujifilm. However today I decided to challenge myself by bringing only the 35mm f2. While a great lens, the field of view is tight, so I knew it would force me to think as I shot.

I made my way to an abandoned industrial area. The light was poor, so contrast was nonexistent, but I tried to focus instead on textures and shapes.


The 35mm is no macro lens, but I got close enough to capture this visually interesting spiral of power conduit that lay discarded. 

I like industrial buildings because of the shapes. One of my favourite aspects, oddly, is piping.


The lines, shapes and shadows always catch my eye. 

The last shot is one that I really enjoyed shooting, and actually feel rather pleased with. I was inspired to shoot this image by an online forum member who shoots in this style almost exclusively. 


In contrast to the other images, this shot relies entirely on the red colour. The red was the first thing to catch my eye, and after sloughing through knee deep snow, I realized that I wanted to incorporate the background doors into the image as well.

It works, in an odd way, and I find it visually striking. I specifically chose the square option in camera, to keep the composition simple and angular. 


As you can see, nothing fantastic today. However it was excellent practice, and a great opportunity to shake the cobwebs off my shutter finger. Most of all, it was fun! And isn't that the entire point?