The Cobden Loop / by David Veldman

Before I begin this little ramble, here is the earworm I am currently infected with.

Today I decided to take my recently acquired FZ750 out for a spin. The FZ750 is a powerful, albeit old (1987) hybrid motorcycle. It was only made for two years, and as far as motorcycles go, it's quite difficult to define. Featuring a quick inline 4 engine that produces 94 horsepower, and a comfortable cruiser look, the Fazer is a byproduct of the 1980s, when manufacturers were experimenting with a variety of different ideas.



The bike is a monster - it rips away at any speed, in any gear when you twist the throttle. It's nothing like the smooth, civilized ride of the Nighthawk 750. Instead it feels like a drag racer, always threatening to unseat you.

Heading into Westmeath, I passed by the lookout, and then turned south to visit the Whitewater region, more specifically the Rocher Fendu. I have shot more than a few times in that area, but today I concentrated more on hiking than shooting.


It was a beautiful day. I captured these white water kayaks left behind by their owners. The mentality of the kayakers is very similar to British Columbian surfers - it's a laid back, friendly vibe.


The forest was beautiful, as always. There's almost a hint of autumn in the air. It's only August, but already the insects are less prevalent, which makes for a much more relaxing hike.

The riverside itself was gorgeous, although not exactly an ideal spot for photographs. This is the best I could do, a cumulonimbus cloud over a battleship island.

On the ride home, I FINALLY stopped on the side of the road to catch a picture of this stunning tree leaning over a rustic arch. I've passed this scene many times, but usually on the other side of the highway. I spent a few minutes trying to frame the scene, long enough for a concerned veteran motorcycle rider to pull up behind me and ask if I was ok!

I didn't photography anything great today, rather I enjoyed the cool air, the ride, and the effortless power of my new (to me) bike. Here's to many more safe rides.